Lena Hildmann-Janssen

 Born January 8th, 1980 in Meerbusch, Germany. 
 Two sisters: Identical Twin Hanna and sister Stefanie.

Your contact for dressage horses!
Phone: +49 177 7967888

Lena’s professional background:

  • BA in Marketing and Management with a Minor in Psychology from Bryant University in Smithfield, Rhode Island, USA
  • International competition wins and placings up to Intermediaire I
  • Worldwide clientele


Lena’s take on the equestrian sport:

  • Lena’s strength: the continuous and genuine training of all horses on all Sundays and holidays
  • Lena’s weakness: wrapping of the horses' hind legs
  • what Lena always wanted to get off her chest or rid herself of:

     - Women simply look better on horseback than men!
     - Once in a while her husband

  • Lena’s sincere wish for the future: To be able to enjoy all facets of life and of the equestrian sport with her loved ones

Dirk Janssen

 Born 7th of January, 1975 in Hooksiel, Germany.
 One sister: Katrin.

Your contact for Jumpers and Hunters!
Phone: +49 172 5271622


Dirk's professional background:

  • Agriculturist
  • Industrial Merchant
  • FN Reitwart (a specific trainers license from the German FN)
  • Competition wins and placings in jumping up to Level S
  • Self employed in the equestrian industry (Sportpferde Janssen/ Gestuet Berhof)
  • 85.000 yearly visitors (Cooperation with Ikea, Volksbank, VW, Toys’R’ Us , AOK and Horses and Dreams)


Dirk’s take on the equestrian sport:

  • Dirk’s strength: to recognize a good horse and being able to spend hours and hours in purchase negotiations
  • Dirk’s weakness: see above, many many hours spent in negotiations
  • what Dirk always wanted to get off his chest or rid himself of: debit interest
  • Dirk’s sincere wish for the future: a happy life amongst his family and among the horses on the Storchenhof

Till Janssen and Emma Janssen

 Born 25th of July, 2011 and 2nd of May, 2015


 Hanna Hildmann

 Born January 8th, 1980, in Meerbusch Germany.
 Two sisters: Stefanie and her identical twin Lena


Hanna’s professional background:

  • BA in Marketing with a Minor in Sociology from Bryant University in Smithfield, Rhode Island, USA
  • Worldwide clientele
  • Rode competitively in the USA

After many years abroad Hanna has also moved to the area around the Storchenhof and still travels for her company Sport Innovations between Germany and the United States.  Sport Innovations is a company that trades rehabilitation equipment.  A top quality service to the customer is one of the key strengths of the business.  Many worldwide professionals belong to the company’s clientele (

Siggi und Anton

Siggi and Anton are the parents of Lena and Hanna and are therefore Dirk’s parents in law.  The two Hildmann seniors offer advice and support wherever needed.  Some of the key issues are helping with the horses, the building of the new facility, advertisement, and assisting in taking care of their grandson Till.  We just wanted to give a little Thanks to both of them.